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The Book - Take an inspiring journey with a young caterpillar who struggles to grow up in an unsuspecting place. 



It is fitting for children who need encouragement working through difficulties in their environment or accepting the people around them.  It also provides support for adults working through trauma or in need of a pick-me-up.  The artwork has been designed to allow us to relate to nature as well as to the human journey.  It will remind you of how important you are to this world and ignite your courage. It is a must read.


Authors Background

Angela started writing at an early age. Her love of the written word and its visual interpretation has brought joy to her life.

Her formal education includes: University of Texas at Dallas; Masters of Science in Management and Administrative Services; Southwestern Graduate School of Banking; Graduate Degree; University of Dallas, Graduate School of Management, M.B.A.; International Management and Texas Tech University; Bachelor of Business Administration Degree.

Angela’s background in banking, corporate restructure and business ownership has allowed her to explore many parts of the world and to meet other accomplished business leaders.

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